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Imagine having the ability to heighten and apply your ESP perception effortlessly.  I'm even taking you through a past life regression session that you can use over and over.

You'll also discover how to take complete control of your dreams when you apply my Lucid Dreaming techniques.  Dream what you want and manifest your dreams.

And there's much more including a special bonus!

I've made it easy for you to GET STARTED NOW...
 Titanium Hypnosis ($89.95 VALUE)
ESP Titanium
  • Do you want to achieve a new level of spirituality? This Extra Sensory Perception recording will help you develop and heighten your 6th sense. It targets your subconscious mind to be open to the infinite possibilities of your perception.
 Titanium Hypnosis ($89.95 VALUE)
Astral Projection Titanium
  • Explore the amazing Astral Realm with this safe and easy hypnosis recording. Master the art of your astral body leaving your physical body as you experience the astral plane.
 Titanium Hypnosis ($89.95 VALUE)
Past Life Regression Titanium
  • In this powerful recording, you will be able to visualize your past lives. Exploring your past lives will help you learn more about who you are in your current life.
 Titanium Hypnosis ($89.95 VALUE)
Lucid Dreaming Titanium
  • Master the art of lucid dreaming and being aware while you are dreaming with this hypnosis session. You will be able to take complete control of your dreams and dream about anything you want.
 Titanium Hypnosis ($89.95 VALUE)
Kundalini Titanium
  • You will activate your Kundalini safely with this recording. Kundalini awakening will help you reach a state of pure enlightenment.
 Titanium Hypnosis ($89.95 VALUE)
Bonus: 12 Strand DNA Activation Titanium
  • Activate all 12 strands of DNA with this hypnotherapy recording. This will help increase your energy levels and improve your physical, emotional and spiritual health.
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